Free School Meals

Please see our Useful Documents page for information and an application form for Free School Meals.

Breakfast Club

For information about our Breakfast Club please click here: Breakfast Club


Our whole school calendar will keep you up to date on planned events, parents' evenings and trips. Calendar

Routine and Daily timetable

School starts at 8.45am for our two Reception classes. We encourage children to enter independently through the main door as this encourages responsibility for their belongings.

After register we have our first teaching input, this is either Maths or Literacy, we rotate weekly. After the teaching input children can choose in and outdoors. During choosing time, every child  spends time at an adult focused activity or are challenged to complete a task or activity independently in the room, this gives them the opportunity to apply what was taught in the teaching input and spend time working with an adult for support and challenge.

Number formation in the foam
Mark making and number formation in the foam 

Before lunch we split into Phonics groups. During this time we learn letter sounds and apply this to reading and writing.
Lunch is at 11.30am. We encourage children to access the free school dinners. It is important for the children to try to cut their own food and eat independently. If children have a packed lunch please make sure it has lots of healthy options.

At 12.30pm we begin our afternoon session with either a literacy or maths input. Following this the children can choose from a range of child led activities and learn through play throughout the afternoon, being called over to spend time applying their learning through a well-paced adult led activity or independent challenge.

Programming Bee Bots and developing fine motor skills
Programming the bee bots- use of ICT, turn taking and probe, solving.      Developing our gross motor skills in our bike wash 

Before home time we split into small groups to practice our handwriting. We learn how to write cursively as this supports joining letters as we move further up the school.

We dismiss each class at 3pm. Please wait outside your child’s classroom for their names to be called. If they have forgotten something, please just wait a couple of minutes for the rest of the children to leave before coming back in to collect things. This helps us to keep all the children safe. Going Home procedures

8.45- 8.55am Children enter independently, hang up belongings on peg and have register time Learning about hygience
Learning about hygiene and the importance of hand washing.
8.55-9.10am Teaching input (Maths/ Literacy)
9.10-10am Choosing and adult led activities
10-10.15 Snack (class talk time: weather, news, topic, reading etc)
10.15-11.05 Choosing and adult led activities
11.05-11.25 Phonics and story time before lunch
11.30-12.30 Lunch time
12.30-12.45 Teaching input (Maths/ Literacy/ topic)
12.45-1.45 Choosing and adult led activities
1.45-2 Handwriting
2-2.45 Choosing and adult led activities
2.45-3 Tidy up, singing, stories, counting and home time