Term 4

Our children always amaze us with the number of activities that they take part in, at school but also outside of school as well. This page is to celebrate their achievements, whether in clubs, sports or the community. Please email office@harriers-aspirations.org, with a short description and photo, if you would like to share your child/ren's successes with us.

500 Dojos Winner
500 Dojo Winner
Congratulations to Oliver (Parrots class) on 500 Dojos, what an achievement! 
Charlotte visiting Crufts
Charlotte at Crufts

Charlotte from Wrens class took her mummy, who has a hearing dog called Zoe, to Crufts for the prefect Mother’s Day treat. Charlotte had a wonderful time getting to stroke lots of dogs and learnt about other assistance guide dogs. She was fascinated by all the different breeds and said "Look there's a Labrador, cocker spaniel, golden retriever, Dalmatian and Irish setter." She was very interested in the police dog show in the arena and how they work to catch criminals and she even got to go on stage with the other children to take part helping with the sniffer dogs!