High Flyers Term 6

This page will celebrate weekly our 'High Flyers' and feature individual children or classes, or even the whole school, when they have flown high in their learning and achievements.

Term 6
Winners for the week ending 5 July 2019
High Flyers
High Flyers
Well done to all our High Flyers!
Attendance Bear and Punctuality Bear
Punctuality and Attendance Bears
Great attendance and fantastic time-keeping!
Well done to all the children in KINGFISHERS class.
Best Behaviour at Lunchtimes
Best Behaviour  
What a well-behaved class! TOUCANS
won the prize for their good example to all the school.
Tidiest Classroom and Cloakroom
Tidiest classroom
Well done OWLS for being such
a tidy class!
PiXL Maths Competition
PiXL Maths Class winners
The PiXL Maths times table competition was won by PELICANS and DOVES this week.
Winners for the week ending 14 June 2019
Attendance Bear
Attendance Bear
Great attendance; well done to
all the children in WRENS class.

Punctuality Bear
Punctuality Bear
Great attendance and fantastic time-keeping!  Well done to all the children in PELICANS.