World Cup Art Day and Exhibition

It has been a brilliant few days at school to see the children, staff and volunteers working on their art projects. The children have been entirely engaged in their projects, encompassing this term's condition of Fun & Excitement. Not only have they enjoyed the artistic aspects, they have learnt a lot about the artists they studied and the countries and cultures they originate from. To cap it all off, it was brilliant to walk around school looking at the art installations. It was idyllic looking at them in the sunshine!

World Cup Art Day
Monday was a wonderful day full of art and design whilst learning about the countries taking part in this year’s World Cup. Each class studied the art and traditions of a country and produced work based on this for the exhibition on Tuesday. As you can see the results are spectacular.

World Cup Art Day Exhibition
Pupils were able to visit other classes’ artworks and to see how they had interpreted each country’s culture. Later in the afternoon parents were invited to also walk around the exhibition spaces to enjoy the brilliant work the children have produced.

Thank you to all staff, parents and helpers who have made this project such a success with their generous donations of time, materials and expertise. Special thanks to Martin Gilmore of Tu clothing at Sainsbury’s for donating coat hangers for the art project and to Homebase for wallpaper and B&Q for plants and plant pots. We couldn’t have done it without all of you!

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