Science Oxford Big Science Final

Kamila, Kinga, Amelia and Tessa from Eagles class travelled to Witney with Mrs Roberts for the Big Science Event Final at Abbott Diabetic Care headquarters.

They had an amazing time.  They had a tour of the factory, carried out experiments to show how much sugar there is in various foods, enjoyed being VIPs for the day and met lots of different scientists and engineers.


They didn’t win overall, but they were a huge credit to Harriers and we are extremely proud of the girls. They were in the final 12 of 13,000 children who took part.


Here's the girls' report on their very special day:

What a great day! There were lots of activities and we all took part and enjoyed ourselves.  We found out that there were 13,000 children taking part in the competition from all over Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire and we were in the final 12! People usually think that men can mostly be scientists, well they’re wrong!  Women can also be scientists!  We met loads of women and men scientists and engineers during our day at Abbot Diabetic Care in Witney. When we went on a tour of the factory, Mrs Roberts asked why there is an expiry date on the blood testing strips. The engineer answered that they have 18 months before they expire because of a chemical reaction that may stop working after that time. The factory makes 33 million blood testing strips a week. After our tour, we used testing strips to test different sugars that we find in everyday food. Then we watched a magic science show.  We definitely learnt that science is fun and we enjoyed being VIPs for the day! 

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