Odd Sock Day

As part of our Friendship Week, we held an 'Odd Sock Day'. This was a national event in schools to celebrate our individuality and to be proud of who we are and not be afraid of being judged. 

Friendship Week is our version of Anti-Bullying Week at Harriers Banbury Academy. In our classes we learnt about how to keep ourselves and others safe from being treated poorly by others.

We also ran a competition whereby the children could vote for their friends, giving reasons for why they are such fantastic friends and young people. There were two separate competitions for both Lower Phase and Upper Phase. The nominated children got drawn at random with 2 children being selected from each class. The winners received an opportunity to sit with Mrs Agate and Miss Patel one afternoon (with hot chocolate and biscuits) and discussed how we can improve the school and make it an even more friendlier place.

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