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  • Atomic Tom

    Atomic Tom
    28th February 2019

    We were treated to a brilliant science assembly when Atomic Tom visited Harriers. The children’s enthusiasm was fantastic and well done to all the children who volunteered! A huge thank you to Atomic Tom for creating a real buzz for science! Read more

  • Sikh Gurdwara Temple visit

    Sikh Gurdwara Temple visit
    27th February 2019

    Year 5 enjoyed a fascinating visit to the Sikh Temple in Leamington as an introduction to their RE topic of Sikhism. They learned about the history of Sikhism, the importance of community, Sikh culture and customs, language and prayer. Read more

  • Year 3 Egyptian Day

    Year 3 Egyptian Day
    11th February 2019

    Year 3 held an Egyptian Day to finish our topic for this term. We were lucky to have a brilliant workshop, where we practised writing hieroglyphics with a reed and ink, and looked at replica artefacts. We also wrapped ourselves up in bandages like mummies, and learnt about how the Egyptians would have transported huge blocks of stone. The children were all brilliant and really showed off how much they have learnt this term! Read more

  • Chinese New Year

    Chinese New Year
    5th February 2019

    Kung hei fat choi (Happy Chinese New Year!). Pupils have enjoyed learning about this Chinese celebration. Many thanks to Mr Vu for his annual visit to the school to present assemblies on Chinese culture and dance. In their classrooms, children also tried traditional Chinese foods, made paper lanterns and crafts and performed their own Lion dances. Read more

  • Watch out for the dinosaur!

    Watch out for the dinosaur!
    5th February 2019

    There is a fantastic project going on in Enrichment – a Stegosaurus is growing in the Forest School den! All children will be involved in building her; made from black piping and cardboard tubes and stuffed with plastic bags filled with recycled materials (and a very special red heart), she is slowly taking shape. The children are at the papier-mâché stage and are enjoying gluing on paper strips. She will eventually be covered in material, painted and varnished and be displayed in the playground. She is going to be magnificent! Read more