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  • Brilliant Maths

    Brilliant Maths
    31st January 2018

    Harriers' staff are proud of all the pupils' hard work in Maths lessons and the standards at which they are achieving. Read more

  • THANK YOU to the PTFA

    THANK YOU to the PTFA
    30th January 2018

    Our fabulous Library Bus was made possible partly by generous support from the PTFA. They promised to raise funding of £10,000 and thanks to all their hard work and dedication, presented Harriers Banbury Academy with a cheque for the first payment of £5,000 at the recent PTFA meeting. Read more

  • Year 6 Junior Citizens

    Year 6 Junior Citizens
    26th January 2018

    Eagle class travelled to Oxford for the annual Year 6 Junior Citizens Trip. The children experienced real life scenarios whereby they had to focus on keeping themselves and others as safe as possible. As ever, it was an excellent experience for the children and a chance to learn important life skills. Read more

  • Science Assembly

    Science Assembly
    22nd January 2018

    The school held a special assembly focussed on science which included experiments to discover how gravity works – as soon as the plate was hit from the side, removing the cardboard tube, the egg was left to fall into the cup; and how a coloured liquid (purple boiled red cabbage water) will change colour according to whether an acid or an alkali is added. Lemon juice was added (citric acid) and the purple water turned pink. Washing powder was added (alkali) and the water turned green! Read more

  • All Things Wild

    All Things Wild
    16th January 2018

    Robins and Wrens went to All Things Wild in Honeybourne. We had a fantastic day! We learnt about dinosaurs, examined fossils, got to explore the park and see lots of different animals such as Capybara, Emus, Porcupines, monkeys and birds as well as having a ride on the Dino train and playing in the fantastic indoor and outdoor play areas. Read more