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  • Science Oxford Big Science Final

    Science Oxford Big Science Final
    16th July 2018

    Kamila, Kinga, Amelia and Tessa travelled to Witney with Mrs Roberts for the Big Science Event Final at Abbott Diabetic Care headquarters. Read more

  • Sports Day

    Sports Day
    10th July 2018

    Well done to all our pupils (and parents & siblings) who took part in sports day. We had two fantastic days of sport, superbly organised by Miss Green and her Year 3 class, and it was great to see the children display great sportsmanship as they competed against each other. Neptune were the overall winners! Read more

  • Fantastic Year 6 Production

    Fantastic Year 6 Production
    9th July 2018

    We have thoroughly enjoyed the Year 6 production of Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits. The pupils did a fantastic job of putting on an epic performance that has been enjoyed by all the children and adults that have seen it. It was full of great acting, wonderful singing and a bucket load of one-liners! Read more

  • Learning about Japan

    Learning about Japan
    3rd July 2018

    The children learnt about the Japanese Star Festival in their last lesson with Mrs Croft. Some children had the chance to dress up in a real kimono. Read more

  • Lemon Power!

    Lemon Power!
    26th June 2018

    Year 4 pupils had a fun time investigating electric lemons! We discovered that it will take more than 4 lemons to light up a small light bulb fully! Read more