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  • Enrichment in Year 5

    Enrichment in Year 5
    17th January 2019

    Year 5 pupils have made some fantastic bookmarks in their enrichment activity of 'paper crafting'. Read more

  • Professor McGinty wows Year 2

    Professor McGinty wows Year 2
    17th January 2019

    Year 2 children thoroughly enjoyed their visit from Professor McGinty. There were lots of laughs and dressing up but also lots of learning in a fun and engaging show. Read more

  • Able writers

    Able writers
    16th January 2019

    Some of our most able writers in Year 5 and 6 attended a workshop at Orchard Fields School. Led by William Gallagher, a scriptwriter for Dr Who, they worked on a play script and also participated in a communal workshop with pupils from other primary schools in Banbury. It was a really useful learning experience and a lovely day for the children. Read more

  • Exciting Science for Year 5

    Exciting Science for Year 5
    15th January 2019

    Year 5 had an exciting morning with Abbott Diabetes Care Outreach carrying out lots of different science investigations including experiments with sound, friction and air resistance among others. Read more

  • Year One Space Journey

    Year One Space Journey
    14th January 2019

    Year One had a brilliant time visiting the Space Centre in Leicester. We climbed the 42 metre rocket tower, toured the interactive galleries and watched a video that took us on an amazing journey through space. Read more