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  • Trim Trail

    Trim Trail
    16th January 2018

    Our new trim trail is finally taking shape thanks to lottery funding to improve our playground. This longstanding goal has been delayed due to issues with the weather but at last work is going ahead and the children will soon be able to enjoy some of the new equipment. The trim trail is designed to improve agility, co-ordination and fitness. Read more

  • Visiting the Botanical Gardens

    Visiting the Botanical Gardens
    10th January 2018

    Year 5 had a great time on their trip to Birmingham's Botanical Gardens, aided by some lovely sunny weather! They explored the gardens and hot houses, studying the flora and fauna and were introduced to some exotic creatures. Some children were very brave and held snakes and snails! Read more

  • Running Free

    Running Free
    10th January 2018

    Year 4 (Red Kites) had a brilliant parkour freerunning session from Wade Gym. They really loved it and some children were clearly very talented! The children worked really hard to achieve the basic movements. Read more

  • Playground Zones launched

    Playground Zones launched
    8th January 2018

    There was great excitement as Mrs Goulding launched our new playground zones which will promote fun & excitement and social interaction. The zones have been fully resourced and are led by a member of staff. The zones are; Team Zone, Quiet Zone, Physical Zone, Play Zone and Creative Zone, in addition to the Dining Hall and Bluebirds. Read more

  • Dino Day in Early Years!

    Dino Day in Early Years!
    8th January 2018

    On Monday 8 January, a meteorite hit the Early Years’ garden! They spent the morning investigating what happened to all the dinosaurs and having lots of fun taking part in dino activities. They made their own fossils from salt dough, painted dinosaur portraits, played in the dinosaur role play area and carried out estimation and measuring of a T-Rex footprint. We are so impressed with all the costumes the children have made at home. They are fantastic! Read more