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  • Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum

    Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum
    28th February 2017

    Our year 6 pupils visited the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock and were really enthused about the trip. They discovered how people's lives changed with the threat of war, bombing raids and fire. They learnt about air raid shelters and tried on gas masks, helmets and clothes from different eras. The museum depicts conflicts up until the present day in which soldiers from Oxfordshire have been involved in combat. Read more

  • Games Testing

    Games Testing
    28th February 2017

    Space Studio Banbury students visited Harriers to get our help to test prototypes of computer games they are developing as part of their Aspirations Employability Portfolio (AEP). Year 5 children were happy to play physical mock-ups of the games that will later be converted to digital and to give their opinions on the play-ability and fun factor of each game. SSB students will now evaluate their findings and adjust their design to suit their target audience of older primary school age children. Read more

  • Pancake Day

    Pancake Day
    28th February 2017

    We celebrated Shrove Tuesday with a feast of pancakes for children in early years. They took turns to mix the batter, which staff then cooked and served to the children. Pupils choose their toppings and had a yummy time eating their pancakes. Read more

  • Hockey Sticks Festival

    Hockey Sticks Festival
    23rd February 2017

    Harriers' hockey team excelled at the Hockey Sticks competition at BGN, coming first in their group. Assisted by coaches from Banbury Hockey Club and young leaders from BGN, they played by Quicksticks rules which made it easier for participants to play and understand. Read more

  • Reading buddies

    Reading buddies
    21st February 2017

    Older children regularly act as reading buddies for the younger children, mentoring them with their reading and understanding of stories. The children enjoy getting to know others in different year groups and appreciate the help of their peers. Read more