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  • Skip2bfit Day

    Skip2bfit Day
    10th February 2017

    Skip2bfit held activity sessions with the children, teaching them skipping techniques with their specially designed counting skipping ropes. This incorporated numeracy whilst promoting fitness and healthy living. The children had great fun and were brilliant at skipping. Miss Bradford was the top skipper for the staff! Read more

  • A taste of big school

    A taste of big school
    7th February 2017

    Children in year 4 and 5 were invited to Banbury Academy for two after-school taster workshops. The first session was based around science and DT; the children participated in a taster lesson, enjoying some fun experiments and experiencing working in a science laboratory. The second evening concentrated on English and drama, with lots of acting opportunities and activities around the school. Read more

  • Medieval Day

    Medieval Day
    3rd February 2017

    Our pupils enjoyed a medieval day. The children enjoyed dressing up, dancing, entertaining and eating a medieval banquet Read more

  • Author Visit

    Author Visit
    24th January 2017

    We welcomed Mark Robson, a local author, into school. Mark shared some of his stories with the whole school and also ran some writing workshops with year 6. The children really enjoyed meeting him and found his lessons really informative - perhaps we will have some budding novelists in the future! They loved his books so much that we were inundated with orders from the children for his books! Read more

  • Meeting Vanessa

    Meeting Vanessa
    18th January 2017

    Year 5 and 6 had an exciting assembly led by Vanessa, a student who attends a special school in the Midlands. Vanessa talked about her experiences at school and some of the bullying issues she encountered due to her disabilities. She visited each class and our pupils were a real credit, asking insightful questions and showing real empathy. Read more