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  • Pizza Express

    Pizza Express
    7th May 2019

    Reception classes, Robins and Wrens, have been to Pizza Express! Both classes had a great time and loved taste testing different foods and making their own pizzas. A huge thank you to all the parents who came with us. We couldn't do it without you! Read more

  • Pitch perfect!

    Pitch perfect!
    7th May 2019

    Very well done to Toby for volunteering to demonstrate changes of pitch on his guitar to Year 4. This was for their topic of sound during their science lesson and was a really useful addition to the lesson. It takes a great deal of courage to perform solo in front of the whole year group. Read more

  • Joseph was amazing!

    Joseph was amazing!
    29th April 2019

    What a treat for Year 5 children and staff when they were invited to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat preformed by Wykham Park Academy students. It was an incredibly colourful production full of song, dance and ensemble theatre. Mrs Agate said 'Wykham Park Academy pupils were fantastic and a real credit to the school, well done and congratulations!' Read more

  • Atomic Tom

    Atomic Tom
    24th April 2019

    Year 5 had a brilliant time learning about forces with Atomic Tom. They discovered, by experimenting with magnets and iron filings, what a magnetic field looks like, they made paper helicopters to begin to understand air resistance and some even had a ride on Tom’s hover board! Thank you so much to Atomic Tom for his expertise and enthusiasm! Read more

  • Year 4 at Chedworth Roman Villa

    Year 4 at Chedworth Roman Villa
    24th April 2019

    Year 4 started their topic of Romans with a BANG! They visited Chedworth Roman Villa and had great fun exploring the ruins, classifying artefacts, studying 1700 year old mosaics and becoming slaves and Roman soldiers! Read more