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  • Looking out for minibeasts

    Looking out for minibeasts
    20th February 2018

    Robins and Wrens have been very busy over the holidays making their fantastic homework projects! During Term 4 we are learning about minibeasts, the great outdoors and looking closely at worms. We have had a selection of bug hotels, wormeries and bird feeders come into school and it has been lovely sharing them with the class and finding places to use them in and outside. Read more

  • Year 4 love the Library!

    Year 4 love the Library!
    6th February 2018

    Year 4 classes visited Banbury Library. The children really enjoyed it and loved exploring the different sections of the library and reading some of their favourite books. Thank you to Tracey Owen and Megan Brain for coming with us. Read more

  • AMAZING Science Week

    AMAZING Science Week
    5th February 2018

    We held the most AMAZING Science Week with children experimenting and investigating scientific concepts. To round off this final week of term 3 in style, we also hosted a fantastic Science Fair, with guest judges from Banbury Academy and the science profession. The enthusiasm of the pupils and staff was infectious and it was clear how much fun they had all had investigating their science experiments... from exploding pop bottles to bouncing eggs! From an academic side it was impressive to hear the scientific language being used by pupils from Years 1 to 6. Our guest scientists were blown away by the science that has taken place in school during the week and enjoyed talking to our pupils about what they had been learning. In turn, they demonstrated to our budding scientists that a career in science is a real possibility for all of them. Read more

  • Superb Young Scientists

    Superb Young Scientists
    5th February 2018

    Robins, Wrens and Ducklings were also extremely busy during Science Week investigating and carrying out lots of fun experiments. They carried out at least one experiment a day and have been superb young scientists. They learnt how to predict and report back on what they have investigated, they worked scientifically and looked at fair tests and have learnt so much to share with their family and friends. It was a brilliant week! Read more

  • Brilliant Maths

    Brilliant Maths
    31st January 2018

    Harriers' staff are proud of all the pupils' hard work in Maths lessons and the standards at which they are achieving. Read more